We are the bridge to automation world

LoopCalTech LLC is a specialty engineering and consulting company focused on the design, engineering, and supply of automation ,electrical and control systems and related equipment for a range of applications in the refining, petrochemical, Energy, Waste water and water sectors. We also provide turnkey E.P. for small-scale waste-to-energy plants. LOOPCalTech also offers engineer services for all disciplines such as Process, Mechanical and Civil/Structural Engineering .


A successful company is a living, breathing entity. It grows and responds to outside influences. That’s why we think of culture, passion, efficiency, and core values as part of our Brand’s DNA. This is exactly what our company is made of!

our services

▪ Engineering and Consulting for Refineries, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Gas processing plants
▪ Pipeline Engineering Design and Project managment


• Refineries
• Petrochemical
• Syngas Production (Ammonia, Hydrogen, Methanol)
• Cryogenic
• Gas Processing

Zero harm

We are Committed to Zero Harm With Cultures of Safety


Understanding Customer Reliability Expectations Is Our First Step Toward The Design..


We are keeping up with new technologies. We are here for technology owners to help them to comply with specific industry standard


We are specialized in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility engineering consultancy, siting, compliance, and safety.

we think green

We always think green.
We are environmentally friendly business.

Engineering is an art

 This is part of our Company's DNA.. 

“Your Engineering Solution for Project Management in Process Controls, Instrumentation & Automation.”

As independent specialist in the various sectors of the process industry, we offer tailor-made engineering services for instrumentation and control systems with a high degree of implementation competence, from advice and conceptual design through all the design phases to construction management and commissioning. We already bring our considerable implementation competence to bear in the very early design stages.


● Lump sum and T&M EPC Project Estimate 
● Instrumentation and Control Engineering
● Electrical Engineering
● Mechanical Engineering
● Processs Engineering
● Civil/Structural Engineering